A 30-year Air Force colonel, Rich chaired the General Assembly Military and Veterans Caucus that oversaw all legislative programs for 800,000 Virginia veterans. In partnership with House Speaker Kirk Cox, he patroned the bill that created the Northern Virginia Veterans Care Center, now under construction to provide quality healthcare to military veterans. He also patroned the bill that created the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program that has put 45,000 veterans to work with competitive salaries and full benefits. Rich will continue to work for Virginia veterans by aggressively fighting for legislation that protects veteran benefits and broadens employment opportunities for men and women who have served our nation.


Rich sat for eight years on the House Transportation Committee. Rich will continue his fight to get our fair share of state transportation dollars to Northern Virginia, leverage smart transportation technologies to relieve congestion, and give local communities more control of transportation decisions. Rich will work hard to achieve real solutions to the traffic problems we face daily and get you back to your families sooner.


As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rich helped write eight balanced budgets, opposed tax increases, and focused on responsible spending. He also worked across the aisle with his colleagues to add billions of dollars to the Virginia rainy day fund. Making sure your taxes stay as low as possible was and always will be one of his top priorities.


While serving as your Delegate, Rich voted to help small businesses and job creators with tax credits, easier online paperwork for new businesses, and protections for home-based businesses. He worked hard to keep taxes low, help small businesses grow, and keep Virginia among the best places in the nation to do business. For eight years, he received top scores of 100% from the Chamber of Commerce. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) rated him as A+ on behalf of 6,000+ Virginia small businesses. When elected, he will continue this pathway of progress for Virginia businesses and working families.


Rich believes competitive compensation packages will attract and retain quality educators. He helped raise teacher pay, put more dollars in the classroom, and restored control of schools to parents, teachers, and local leaders. Rich is committed to making sure every student in Virginia has an education that prepares them for success in college, in their careers, and in life.