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Tolls Coming to I-66?

October 12, 2015 9:04 am

Dear Prince William families, friends, and neighbors,

Over the last several weeks, I’ve received an avalanche of email and calls about VDOT’s proposal to toll I-66 inside the beltway—and I’ve heard the same thing from hundreds of you and your neighbors on doorsteps and in living rooms.

After listening to you, I do what I always do when I hear widely-held views of our neighbors: I do as much reading and research as possible. I’ve done so and conclude one thing about VDOT’s proposals.

They’re wrong.

Why? Simply put, the proposal is to take your hard-earned money by tolling I-66 at an extravagant rate of as much as $17 per day or $3000+ per year. That comes straight out of your wallet or purse, just two years after the massive 2013 transportation tax hike that was promised to provide funding for such projects for the foreseeable future.

That’s wrong.
DelAndersonWithConstructionTeamIn exchange for this bank-breaking expense, VDOT plans to add no additional bandwidth to I-66 with additional lanes inside the beltway. It does, however, plan to add bike paths. I am a bike owner and love to ride, but bike paths will siphon much-needed funds from congested roads and put it toward a mode of travel used by small numbers of people. That isn’t a sound prioritization process and it doesn’t provide a return on investment or reduce traffic congestion.

To hear both sides of the story, I urge you to attend VDOT’s next meeting on this topic. It will be at 7-9pm on Thursday, Oct. 15th, in the Farmwell Station Middle School cafeteria, 44281 Gloucester Parkway, Ashburn, VA. That’s out of our area, but other meetings will be held around the region in the coming months—so please keep your ear to the ground at VDOT’s I-66 website at http://inside.transform66.org.

I agree with VDOT that I-66 problems must be addressed and resolved, but not by taking more from your take-home pay. If you are an I-66 commuter and agree with me, Ruth, and our family that tolling this corridor is wrong, please go to I66Tolls.com for more info and register your concerns.

When we talk at your door or you see me in the grocery store, please let me know your thoughts on tolling I-66. Or, call me at our district office (571-264-9983) or email me directly at DelRAnderson@house.virginia.gov. Thanks for permitting me to represent your homes, businesses, families, and neighbors at home and in Richmond!


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Delegate, 51st House District
Virginia General Assembly